12 November 2019

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Piazza Grande is one of the most ancient squares in the city of Arezzo and one of the most beautiful in Italy. Thanks to the buildings of different eras that overlook the square as if a stage, the square boasts an incredible harmony.

The square has irregular structures because it is built on leaning ground. During the city states age it was the market place and during the Reinassance it became the center of civil life in town. Its current look dates back to XVI century when the Palazzo delle Logge had been built now dominating the highest part of Piazza Grande.

The project, signed by Giorgio Vasari, was finished in 1595: the building stands out for the simplicity of its architectural lines and for the great elegance of its portico. Pieve Santa Maria, the courthouse Palace and the fifteenth-century Fraternita dei Laici building overlook the west side of the square.

Piazza Grande, made world wide famous by the movie “Life is beautiful” by Roberto Benigni, is the location for the traditional “The Saracen Joust” (Giostra del Saracino). Moreover, the Antiques Fair takes place here every first Sunday and the previous Saturday of the month.

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